Monday, January 2, 2012

how to unlock Xperia X10

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!!! Do With Your Own Risk !!!
Very Not Recommended For Warranty
unlock boot loader=void warranty

-Download unlock
-flash tool GB Ready Here
-semc stock kernel+xrec Download 
-driver x10
-extract to hdd on PC or Notebook
-Make sure your USB status  usb debugging and unknown sources must be choice
-Run flash tool GB ready and do Downgrade kernel
-After complete turn on the device and look a condition your device will be stuck on Sony Ericcson white screen (first vibration connect USB cable to Hand phone)
-Look on flash tool if busybox has been detected by binary........
-and then run the qsd8250_semc.cmd (just double click on the file)
and you will seen text like this:

process requires standard 2.x android firmware.
Press any key to continue . . .

-Close the flash tool
-Next pres any key (recommend to press enter key) on the windows command
-Wait until process done.
-After all done run flash tool again and flash file x10_2.3.3_stock-with-xrecovery.ftf

Finish, turn on your device and white Sony Ericcson text disappear change to Sony Erricsson kernel logo, and that include xrec, so although you flashing fail and etc, xrec file can't disappear, because the kernel has been include

Note: x10_2.3.3_stock-with-xrecovery.ftf is GB kernel standard, just include xrec and logo's


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