Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Age Of Wind 2 2.8 (QVGA)

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Prepare for thrilling activities to the water filled with problems and also possibilities!

Prepare for engaging activities within the water filled with problems and also opportunities. Be a sailing-ship chief! Uncover brand-new countries, triumph maritime fights, swap warm items with out disregarding regarding trying to find the primary prize.


A huge navy can not be overcome simply along with effective weaponry : it is required for definitely move around, evading adversary photos.

To make a detailed strike you need to switch along with your aspect for the challenger and also push anyplace to the display. Simultaneously it is vital that you ensure that the challenger to be able to fire your current deliver.

Throughout the fight the particular deliver definitely receives broken. This is actually the challenging reality associated with existence. The particular problems tend not to effect the particular maritime characteristics from the deliver, however they can result in the particular ship’s wreakage. For that reason you need to view to ensure the particular deliver is definitely well-repaired. It is possible to fix the particular deliver in a nearest posting, not really at no cost, obviously.

An excellent deliver is expensive. You may make sufficient for this making use of 2 methods:

It is possible to take advantage of caravans. It is possible to will sell the particular swindled items on the nearest isle.

It is possible to take part in tranquil swap. The price of the products upon various countries is fairly a great deal various. For this reason more often than not tranquil investing is fairly much more lucrative compared to robberies.

You begin the overall game to the best deliver. The particular deliver offers several cannons and also a little keep : it really is harmful to both swap or perhaps regarding battle. Thankfully, there exists a great selection of more complex boats on the island of st. kitts. You can purchase all of them, in case you have a higher sufficient levels and also sufficient cash for this. Picking out the deliver take notice of the ship’s velocity, the amount of cannons and also the keep dimension.

Apart from, everyone do not have to order brand-new deliver, you could enhance the present deliver. You can find 3 choices for the advance:

Cannons : boosts the capturing variety and also the velocity associated with charge
Armour : reduces the particular opponent’s probabilities to be able to harm the particular ship’s framework.

Sails : boosts the velocity and also speed from the deliver

: To show the particular deliver : point apple iphone the right way.

: To be able to fire : touch anyplace to the display.

: To get a chart : touch to the compass.

Functions consist of:

: seventeen exclusive delivers;

: twenty-one exclusive island destinations;

: a hundred exclusive fights;

: a new filled with problems and also escapades;

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