Friday, February 24, 2012

About Us

This blog is based on the number of android device users who have difficulty finding information and data on their device, so they have to discard much of their time just for browsing and surfing in cyberspace only to a program. Programs that they could do it was not necessarily support with their device.

based on the reason the blog was created to simplify the user in addition to the android as well as a forum for those seeking information and data they need, backed by open source licenses granted by the android developer then this is a good stone in repair applications available on the android that can grow faster and can be used on any android device to make minor adjustments on each application.


Android app developer said...

I like your blog choice.This is one of the user-friendly post.I like your all comments.Great work.

Herry Kurniawan said...

wow amazing android development site owner want come to my little site

i'm very honored for your come thx
i hope can back to my site again someday ^^

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