Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flash Clockworkod Recovery:

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Now i wanna explain to you how to upgrade your device with ClockWorkMod (CWM)
why must use CWM to upgrade the android device?
one reason why upgrade with CWM because with CWM you can upgrade your device without PC, so its very easy and simple right
so let's we start

1. You must have CWM Recovery tools first
2. Open Odin Multi Downloader (We need this just for inject tool to system)
3. Choice TASS.ops
4. Checklist One Page Option (you can see thee option on right under corner)
5. Insert Tass-recovery-cwm.tar on One Pakage
6. Press start button to start the process

to check CWM is work or not, after your device working well press "Power Button + Center Button" (Hold Them Together until your phone reboot) wait until recovery manager come

on recovery manager you can wipe data and upgrade device

* Thank To Master Yanuar for this Tools



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