Saturday, February 11, 2012

Android Firmware 2.3.6 Upgrade (Galaxy Mini)

Now we try to upgrade Android device with Chocobread (Ginggerbread 2.3.6)
i use Custom ROM for this upgrade, why not use official ROM the reason is the official have some bug and can't tweak with custom ROM you can tweak or even Over Clock your device with easy thing

ok i will explain how to do upgrade your Android Device:

I use Clock Work Mod for to do this Upgrade if your device hasn't setup for CWM you can read my post Before the post explain how to

Flash Clockworkod Recovery


Flash Custom Rom:
  1. Download and  copy custom ROM, Place on your SD Card.
  2. Reboot to insert the Recovery Mode (Press and Hold "Power Button+Center Button").
  3. Choose Installation Zip file from SD Card.
  4. Chose from SD Card
  5. Choice custom ROM  your Download before
  6. Choice Yes - Install update
  7. Wait until installation progress complete.
  8. Choice Reboot System.
  9. Recommended to WIPE DATA & CHANCE after installation complete to minimize error during installation

Chocobread 2.3.6

Change log

- Base 2.3.6 WMKPJ
- Include Overclock 864 MHz (Depend your device, please rise your CPU speed step by step until you found stability device).
- New feature kernel ,I/O scheduler & Governor, support filesystem EXT2/3/4,RFS, FAT16/32/NTFS.
- 9 Lockscreen, CM screenshot, 14 toogle statusbar (porting from emanon ROM).
- ICS (icon launcher, fonts, transition animation).
- Date & Center clock.
- Dark-tremor (fast reboot after move Dalvik).
- Block ads.
- Sq-lite patch.
- New Boot sound chocobread.
- Bravia Engine.
- DSP Manager.
- Update some application (Superuser+su binary, you tube, real calc,terminal,etc).
- Use Google DNS.
- MIUI Music, File manager, No-frills CPU, Touchwiz Launcher.
- Old Market.
- New init.d script.
- UI Improvement.
- New wallpapers.



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