Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Undead Slayer

Undead Slayer

Best android app

Endless battles against dreadful warriors from the dead...
Discover UNDEAD action and adventure all jampacked in a smartphone for your enjoyment!

★★★★Undead Slayer★★★★
★ Fight against the dead in a historical battlefield
- All the infamous villains from the Chinese dynasty are ready to take action.

Only "Xiahou Dun", the chosen one, can slay the zombie warriors to reconstruct the fallen kingdom.
★ Amazing graphics filled with thrilling action movements
- Optimized touch controls with vivid moves
- Command 20 different skills, rolls, special attacks, and more!

★ Change heroes during battles with the unique 'Tag System'
- Promote Generals and play as another hero when you're in trouble
- Generals take action with original weapons and skills that include bows and arrows, spears, fans, double swords, qigong, and axes.

Undead Slayer

★ Various Maps and Stages
- Strategy plays in different stages of enemy annihilations, punitive expeditions, horse carriage guard battles, and siege warfares.

★ Character Development System
- Many types of character improvements such as weapon enhancements, skill upgrades, and training.

★ 1 Developer does it all?
- Graphics, illustration, game design and development, all done by 1 person!

※ Notice: All gameplay progress and data cannot be restored once game application is deleted.

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