Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lair Defense : Dungeon

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Incredible strategic/arcade td!

Back in historic background, whenever people as well as dragons reside in serenity, our chief as soon as observed consuming monster ova can make one particular live life permanently. Since that time, the actual battle among people as well as dragons offers started. You might be one to prevent the actual hungry people through robbing ova as well as eliminating dragons.

-- Hearth Monster: Protects towards penetrating opponents by using screaming energy. It really is probably the most effective as well as historic animals.
-- Snow Monster: The brave defense focuses on snow assault. It may freeze out penetrating opponents.
-- Toxin Monster: Protects towards penetrating opponents by using dangerous energy. Obtaining as well close to it really is unbelievably harmful.
-- You are able to lift monster through younger in order to mature as well as icon. Numerous particular abilities are just readily available for adult/giant monster.
-- Hearth rainfall: particular mean which harm the simply by hearth rainfall.
-- Snow upward: The mean which briefly freeze out almost all opponents.

-- Differing through armless cowboys in order to druids, the actual experts with secret energy.
-- Robbers transfer quick and be hidden because they including;
-- Mage is actually immune system to fireplace monster disorders.
-- Clergyman is definitely the grasp with recovery as well as prevervation. They are able to recover them selves rapidly.
-- And much more opponents are usually becoming a member of fight because stage will go.

Command word your own dragons to prevent hungry people through robbing ova today, LEADING MAN!

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best android apps




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